Conversion optimization resources
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Conversion Optimization Resources

Within this page you can find all the conversion optimization resources, cheat sheets, checklists, slides and actionable content for free.

  1. Emotion Sells: The Masterclass – This Masterclass is designed to show you how to use the EMOTIONAL TARGETING FRAMEWORK I have tested literally a thousands times to fix my customer’s leaks and double their revenues time and time again. Learn to identify your customer’s emotional triggers, how to choose the right images, colors, copy, fonts and content that convert your customers and launch effective A/B tests that double and even triple your conversion rates.

  2. The full psychological triggers checklist– Use this cheat sheet to better understand the different cognitive biases and psychological triggers that affect our decision making process. In this cheat sheet, you’ll find a list of the cognitive biases, a detailed explanation for them, examples of how and where to use them and links to case studies we’ve done to use them. At the bottom of the cheat sheet, you will also find a checklist that will help you make sure you have either used or avoided these biases within your design.

  3. Color psychology cheatsheet – Download this cheatsheet to learn how to use the emotional effects of colors and convert your customers quickly. Rather than blindly following general infographics, this cheatsheet offers details on how colors affect different cultures, which metrics to follow and where color psychology goes wrong.

  4. The Landing Page Optimization Worksheet – Use this worksheet and complete landing page optimization checklist to analyze your landing pages and optimize them. This worksheet includes a guide for understanding your prospect’s awareness level, how to choose social proof and an in-depth checklist for every elements on your landing page.  

  5. A Google Analytics Checklist – Download this Google Analytics checklist to analyze and optimize the performance of your landing pages. Includes a complete list of metrics and reports you should be tracking.

  6. The Microcopy Guide – Learn how to optimize your call to action buttons with 15 minutes of work. This guide, written by Kinneret Ifrah will give you the play-by-play of microcopy rules, tips and best practices.