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✓ Grow Your Business 


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#GetUplift is a one day (free online) event dedicated to customer-centric marketing. Designed to help you connect with your customers and grow your business. 

We're here to short-track your path to 10x-ing conversions on your landing pages, website and email sequences without having to pack a suitcase or board a plane.  

  • If you’ve been stuck on the hamster wheel of random A/B testing, this is your ticket out.  
  • If you want the *real* strategies that aren’t available in the day-to-day online world, they’re all here.  
  • If you’re looking for the immediate next action that can 10x your growth in the next few months, you’ll get that too.

Join 9 worldwide experts and learn how to build products that stick, launch campaigns that convert and run businesses that never stop growing.


Learn and chat with some of the TOP marketing experts and growth leaders in the world:  

Andy Crestodina


Orbit Media 

Joanna Wiebe


 Copyhackers & Airstory

Talia Wolf

Founder & Chief Optimizer


Aleyda Solis

Founder & International SEO Consultant 


Dana DiTomaso

President & Partner 

Kick Point

Michael Aagaard

Senior Conversion Optimizer


Guillaume Cabane

VP Growth


Claire Suellentrop  



Valentin Radu

Founder & CEO 


The Sessions 

We're bringing together 9 worldwide experts in “customer-centric” marketing .

For maybe the first time ever, you’ll get an inside look at what the world’s top pros are doing RIGHT NOW without spending $1000’s on your flight, hotel and all-access pass. 

Learn, chat and connect with some of the top marketers in the world. 

Our 45-minute sessions are jam-packed with actionable tips, guides and frameworks for you to follow and start using immediately.

09:30 AM (EST) | 03:30 PM (CET)

 Valentin Radu

Founder & CEO at Omniconvert

Master Personalization: How to use the 'Recency-Frequency-Monetary' Model (RFM) to Drive Continuous Growth

Marketing isn't about a one time sale. In order to continuously drive growth for your business, you must focus on building and maintaining authentic relationships with your customers. 

In this session you'll learn:

  • How to use the RFM model to increase retention within the first 30 days of your customer's purchase
  • How to create loyalty programs that drive exponential growth 

10:30 AM EST | 04:30 PM (CET)

Aleyda Solis 

Founder & International SEO Consultant  

How to Connect Your SEO to What Your Customers Really Want

In this session you'll learn:

  • How to connect your SEO with your audiences' search behaviour 
  • Identify which main queries your competitors are targeting that drive the best results 
  • Which are the best query opportunities to target your customers per device, content formats & areas

11:15 AM EST | 05:15 PM (CET)

Talia Wolf 

Founder & Chief Optimizer at GetUplift

How to Use Emotion to Double Your Conversions & Grow Your Business

Emotion Sells. Marketers behind big brands like NIKE, STARBUCKS, APPLE, BMW, and LEGO have known this for years. And yes, they’ve used EMOTIONAL TARGETING on you (yes, YOU) over and over again. In this session, Talia will show you exactly how to use it too and double your conversions. You'll learn:

  • How to tap into your customers' emotions and understand their desires, needs, concerns and motivations
  • The exact 4 step-by-step process to creating high converting funnels that customers love to convert to

12:00 PM EST | 06:00 (CET)

Andy Crestodina

Co-Founder at Orbit Media

Building Better Mousetraps: How Content Inspires Your Visitors to Act

Why do visitors take action? What makes them stay, read, believe and click? This presentation is a breakdown of the major conversion factors in terms you haven’t heard before. Here's what you're going to learn:

  • Why most websites fail today, according to 12 years of research
  • How to create a conversion map that guides visitors thoughts and actions

You’ll leave with new insights into the psychology of your visitors and new ideas that will make an immediate impact. 

12:45 PM EST | 06:45 (CET)

Joanna Wiebe

Co-Founder at Copy Hackers and Airstory

A Crash Course in Conversion Copywriting

You'd never "take a stab" at engineering a bridge or roofing your house or even giving yourself a haircut. 

So why do you keep guessing (and failing) at copywriting? 

Copy is your online salesperson. In this session Joanna Wiebe of Copy Hackers and Airstory will teach you the formula-based approach to turn your failing messages into copy that converts.

01:30 PM EST | 07:30 (CET)

Claire Suellentrop

Founder at LoveYourCustomers

Out with Personas: How to Create Compelling, High-Converting Campaigns Using 'Jobs To Be Done'

Traditional marketing teaches us to group customers based on their personas ("Jane is 35, works in corporate HR, drives a Honda, loves her two kids"). But this approach misses the mark, it fails to address the customer's need. That need is what drives people to use your product. In this session you'll learn:

  • How 'Jobs To Be Done' (JTBD) helps you discover the fuel for drastically more relevant, high-converting marketing campaigns for your customers.
  • How to implement the JTBD process within your organization
  • The exact questions to ask to uncover your customers' JTBD.

02:15 PM EST | 08:15 PM (CET)

Michael Aagaard

Senior Conversion Optimizer at Unbounce

A Live Landing Page Workshop: Get Your Page Evaluated!

In this session, Michael will walkthrough your customer journey from ad to landing page and deliver bulletproof suggestions and ideas for optimizing them. 

Want to get your funnel reviewed by one of the top landing page authorities in the world? Here's what you need to do: 

  • Grab your landing page along with its ads
  • Write down all the questions you have about it
  • (Don't forget to mention your goals)
  • And send us all the info here.

03:00 PM EST | 09:00 PM (CET)  

Guillaume Cabane  

VP Growth at Segment.io

Unlock your Funnel with Extreme Data-Driven Personalization  

If someone tells you they create a single message for their entire audience, they are probably Steve Jobs. For the rest of us, searching for the perfect message is a fool's errand.  

Real-time APIs can empower marketers to learn a great deal (more than you think) about their users, with which we can thoughtfully create personalized campaigns and experiences that convert. In this session you'll learn:  

  • How we use APIs, data, and marketing tools at Segment to personalize our brand experience across our entire funnel
  • Including examples from our website, live chat, and even outbound email campaigns  

03:45 PM EST | 09:45 PM (CET)

Dana DiTomaso

President & Partner at Kick Point 

Not All Sessions are Created Equal

Marketing reports typically start with website sessions, visitors, and year over year data. But these reports miss an important point -- not everyone who visits your website is a new customer, ready to buy. How are you helping customers engage with you after the sale? Once that sale happens, your customer actually needs you more, but they don't want to be sold to. In this session you'll learn:

  • How to reinforce the message that your customers made a good decision in choosing your company and that you still care about them and their needs.
  • How to use segmentation to strengthen relationships with your current customers. 

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