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Emotional Targeting 101: How to Leverage the Power of Emotion to Grow Conversions

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Read Time: 13 minutesWhen I started out as an optimizer, almost 7 years ago, I was making all the common mistakes optimizers make; I’d find the leak in Google Analytics and test random stuff, based on tips I read on different blog posts, “hunches” I had or team suggestions. Then I’d see the results (or lack of) and end up with no insights, learn nothing, and would be left with absolutely nothing I could use to grow the business (saying I felt “frustrated” might be the understatement of the year). It was this …

Emotion Sells: The Masterclass (Course Enrollment Now Open for a Limited Time!)

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Read Time: 1 minutesReady to learn how to use emotion to sell more (and more and more…) ? Emotion Sells: The Masterclass  is designed to show you how to use the proven EMOTIONAL TARGETING FRAMEWORK I have tested LITERALLY A THOUSAND TIMES to optimize my client’s websites and double or even triple their conversions. In this course you’ll learn:

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Webinar: How to 10X Sales & Business Growth With Emotional Targeting

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Read Time: 1 minutesCome hang out with me Monday, December 5th, 11am EST. I’m hosting a private webinar for my readers only and you’re invited. Here’s what you can expect from the webinar: A deep dive into the biggest mistakes marketers make when optimizing their sites, pages and funnels. The emotional targeting methodology: How I optimize my client’s websites, identify emotional triggers and create experiences that convert. The 3 step process to using this methodology and taking your optimization skills to the next level.