2015 has been an exiting year for me.
I’ve spoken at some amazing events like CTAConf, SearchLove, Opticon, GMIC, and many others. I met some great people, ran incredibly educating and exciting tests and I’ve learned SO much.

I dedicated 2015 to diving further more into building better customer journeys, addressing the emotional needs of customers and utilizing emotional targeting. Thankfully with the help of my team we’ve written about most of our tests and findings and were able to share our lessons. Here are some of your favorite chosen posts of 2015:

  • How to Create Landing Pages That Address the Emotional Needs of Prospects – In one of my first posts this year I used Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to break down a model for creating landing pages that address the emotional needs of customers. Maslow’s theory is one of the most common models used to understand what motivates people. Follow as I break down each step of the model and explain how to use this framework to optimize your landing pages. maslows hierarchy of needs
  • How to consistently grow conversion rates using emotional targeting – I’ve been asked countless times this year from many different blogs, what my my #1 tip is for CRO. My answer has always been – Run Meaningful Tests and address customers needs. Conversion optimization is about knowledge and growth, it helps us learn more about our customers and create better products as a result of these tests. To bring in meaningful results that scale, you MUST run meaningful tests. This post, is all about how to do exactly that. behavioral-targeting
  • 26 Pricing Page Examples and Best Practices – It is not simple to build a good pricing pages, there are many elements to take into consideration that can have a large impact on your customer’s decision to invest. In this post I analyze 26 different pricing pages and map out their pros and cons. If you’re building a new pricing page or optimizing an existing one, this post’s for you.

Pricing page example

  • 3 Important Lessons to Evolve your Optimization Tactics – Following my keynote at Call to Action Conference by Unbounce I divided emotional targeting into 3 main lessons. Each part addresses the best way to utilize emotional targeting and build a strategy for conversion optimization tests. If you want to get a better picture of how to design for conversion check out this post.  the power of design
  • Boost Ecommerce Sales: 30 Best Practices and Tips – This post takes an in-depth look at the different elements of optimizing an Ecommerce store while analyzing 30 examples. From the call to action button, to personalization and mobile optimization, I discuss it all – what not to do and what you must test.

Amazon Shipping

  • Psychological tactics to optimizing pricing pages: There’s a lot more to pricing pages than using intuition for your design and copy. Since emotions and psychological triggers influence purchasing behavior, in this post for Kissmetrics I discuss 8 main triggers that have can effect our decision making processes. Understanding these biases that influence us such as anchoring, choice supportive bias and others will help you design better pricing pages that convert.

Last but not least of your chosen top posts is my webinar with Unbounce:

  • Webinar: How to create emotionally engaging landing pages: How do you stand out from your competitors and make an impression? Most companies just copy their competitors by highlighting their price and features. However, as we’ve discussed, what customers really care about is the value, not the benefits. Checkout this webinar to see how 4 large competitors in the dating industry use different emotional strategies on their landing pages and learn from their mistakes. Talia Wolf webinar

Now that we’ve covered some of your favorite posts of 2015, here are some of my favorite articles that made my year:

  • The Ultimate Guide to No-Pain Copywriting by Joanna Wiebe is a fantastic, in-depth guide for writing copy that converts. Listing every single copywriting formula she’s ever seen, Joanna offers a fantastic guide that will helps organize your content for the most persuasive impact. Don’t forget to subscribe to her newsletter for many more great posts.

apple copywriting

  • My Complicated Relationship with No Longer Being CEO – Rand Fishkin’s latest post had a huge impact on me. Detailing many of his feelings and thoughts towards the change he made from being CEO at MOZ to becoming an individual contributor,  Rand’s post addresses many of the challenges I’ve faced in the past and may need to face in the future. It is an incredible insight to someone I look up to and I embrace the opportunity to learn from.
  • How to Come Up with More Winning Tests Using Data – Peep Laja is one of the writers I’ve been following religiously for a few years now. I have also met him in person a couple of times and have had some great discussions with him, each post of his is packed with new ideas, frameworks and in-depth research. How to come up with more winning tests is one of my favorite posts detailing how to test the right things and coming up with the right treatment. Don’t forget to check out ConversionXL Live in Austin, I’m going to be there too. ConversionXL framework

  • Visual Marketing with Hero Shot Images – One of my favorite marketers and people I learn from is Angie Shottmuller. Angie has a great way of explaining complicated issues and driving real value with her scorecards and detailed frameworks. I’ve chosen the Hero Shot Images presentation as it is one of my favorites, however all of her presentations on slideshare are a great source of information and you should definitely check them out.

conversion optimization

  • Ladies and Gents the Pipeline is Not the Problem– Though many blame the small amount of women in tech on the lack of encouragement in schools, Nichole argues this isn’t the case. Many women are in fact drawn to science and maths, however reports show that men are employed at twice the rate of women with comparable qualifications. As Nichole explains,  the pipeline isn’t the problem, it’s retention. womenintech

2016 is going to be filled with exciting projects and new learnings. Here are some of my plans:

  1. Starting January 1st I will be dedicating 100% of my time to growing Banana Splash, our new mobile web conversion optimization tool. My goal: deliver real time tailored experiences for each mobile customer and finally allow businesses to deliver mobile experiences according to their customer’s needs. This is probably my biggest plan for the year and I’m both excited and a little anxious.
  2. Writing – towards Q3 of 2015 I found myself writing less and less due to the amount of work I had and prioritization. However, this year I would like to start writing and updating my personal blog again, so hopefully I’ll be updating this blog with my professional and personal experiences at least once a month.
  3. Speaking events – in 2015 I discovered my love for speaking. I got to speak at some amazing events and I’m hoping to do the same in 2016. I’ve already got events lined up till August (!!) however I have a few conferences on my radar I’m hoping to get to.
  4. Finally, I’d love to add some new blogs to my reading list. What are your favorite people you follow and learn from?

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