Optimize Your Website for Conversions with These Social Media Insights

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Your customer is going through something right now…

And that something affects every area of their life – including how they interact with you, your product, your service.

Everything we do – from what we buy, keep or make for dinner – is affected by how we feel. By what’s going on in our lives.

Research gives us a snapshot of this context. When you run visitor or customer surveys, you get an idea of what your people are going through right now and how that affects the way they see you. Same with customer interviews and other qualitative data.

But this context changes. It fluctuates.

So how can you take a closer look at what those changes look like? And how can you use that knowledge to optimize your website?

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The Google Tag Manager Tips You Need in Your Life (Especially if You Want to Increase Conversions)

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After tackling Google Analytics a couple of weeks ago, we couldn’t leave it there.

Not when there’s one other tool that’s essential if you want accurate data.


We’re talking about Google Tag Manager or GTM – the grand tourer of the Google tool kit. (Sorry. Could not resist.)

What makes GTM indispensable? It’s designed to help marketers set up tools, tracking and plugins, without involving developers in the process.

You can use it to track the metrics you want and to add code to your site even if you can’t code.

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Use This Technique to Increase Your Social Media Conversions (Both Paid and Organic!)

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Every day, thousands of brands battle for your attention.

Over 3 million businesses use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and every other social media platform out there to sell us products, services, ideas.

Our brains can’t process this much data…

… And so we filter it out.

The glossy ads become white noise. Just another thing to ignore.

If you run social media for one of those 3 million businesses,

If you’re fighting for people’s attention,

You can’t rely on the same old tactics anymore.

Product-focused images, blunt sale offers… these aren’t enough.  Not if your ads are missing this key conversion trigger.

The same trigger used by the biggest brands in the world. Brands like Lego, Coca Cola and Nike.

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The Most Important Google Analytics Reports You Can Track

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Google Analytics.

If you’ve ever felt nervous when you hear the word…

Felt that twinge of panic creep up whenever you get ready to open it up, delve into its depths and see what lurks beneath the mess of numbers and goals and settings…

You’re not alone.

Google Analytics is immense.

There’s so much data you can study and use. So many different ways you can optimize your set up that it’s easy to get lost.

If want to discover how to set up your GA so you never have to fear going in again,

Or learn what visitor behavior metrics really matter to your bottom line (and how to use  and interpret them),

Or see how people actually act on your site and use that information to optimize your set-up for conversions,

Then this workshop may be just what you’ve been waiting for.

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Heatmaps 101: Using Heatmaps to Analyze Your Site (+ Specific Rookie Errors to Avoid)

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If you want to increase conversions on your site, you have to understand what people are doing.

What are they clicking on?

What are they scrolling past?

What are they ignoring completely?

Unless you get to know your visitors and customers, you can’t create a page they’ll love, use or convert to.

Heatmaps can help you take a close look at how people act on each page.

They’re like spy vision for your website without the need to sail down a mountain in a Stradivarius cello case and all that other stuff Bond does to get information.

You can then use that data to create a killer user experience.

Still… like a lot of high-tech kit items, heatmaps get misused all the time.

As Dr. David Darmanin, HotJar’s CEO puts it:

 “If you don’t know what you’re looking for in your heatmaps, you’re basically screwed”.

Making mistakes is not fun, especially when you can avoid them by watching this workshop.

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How to Run a Comprehensive Heuristic Analysis on Your Site (+ Specific Questions You Can Ask!)

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What’s a heuristic analysis, how do your run one and why on earth does it matter?

If want to uncover new opportunities for optimization on your site or

Don’t have enough traffic or monthly conversions (300+) to run a meaningful, statistically significant A/B test or

You want to uncover any friction and roadblocks in your funnel so you can fix them and get those conversions up,

… Then a heuristic analysis may just be the thing you need.

Because when you run one – and you do it right – it can help you fix a whole lotta trouble.

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Two Emotional Triggers That Boost Conversions (Including Formulas)

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What really drives the way your prospects and customers make decisions?

While we may like to think of ourselves as rational, logical, data-driven people who make informed choices, there’s something else going on beneath the surface.

Something that influences everything we do and affects what we buy and who we buy it from…

Just think about the number of choices you have to make every day. What to eat. What to wear. Which side of the bed to get up from.

… And those are just the first of hundreds choices you’ll make today.

Imagine how much brain power you’d need if you had to actively think your way through every single option.

That’s why our brains have short-cuts that helps us decide fast.

And these short cuts – or cognitive biases – influence everything you do, from what car you drive and what you eat for breakfast, to what brands you buy from.Read More

Use These 3 Psychological Triggers to Turn Visitors Into Customers (Workshop)

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Visitors don’t just stumble on your site by accident.

They find you through the content marketing plan you painstakingly designed, the comprehensive SEO and linking strategy you built, the paid ads…

… And all the other marketing you put in place.

So while discovering you may feel like a stroke of fortune to your visitor, you know just how much work went into making that serendipitous encounter happen in the first place.

But getting found is just the first step. Now you need to grab that visitor’s attention and show them why they should stick around and buy.

To do that, you need to understand the different forces that influence the buying process. Because everything we do – from choosing where to go on holiday to what project management software to use or what kind of coffee to drink – is affected by a series of cognitive biases.

These subconscious triggers work away in the back of our brains and affect the way we make decisions a lot more than you’d think…

Three of these psychological triggers are particularly useful when it comes to turning visitors into customers. In this workshop, we looked at all three and examined the different ways you can use them to increase conversions. (With real-life examples and practical takeaways of course!)

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How to Boost Conversions with Cialdini’s 7 Persuasion Principles

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How can you persuade visitors to your site to sign up for your newsletter or download that resource you painstakingly put together?

How can you convince potential customers to buy your products and services?

Or urge people to show up to your events or log into your software?

Converting is about so much more than the quality of your product.

It’s about the way you make people feel and just how persuasive you can be…

That’s why marketers, conversion optimizers and copywriters use specific persuasion principles. These principles let you tap into your lead’s psyche and gently encourage them to take action.

Because let’s face it. Most of us are master procrastinators. We put off doing things until the last possible second…

But when you leverage persuasion correctly, you can get past that and inspire the person on the other side of the screen to take action.

In this workshop, we examined Cialdini’s 7 principles of persuasion. We looked at each one in turn (with specific examples!) and discussed how you can apply them to get your leads and customers to act.

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Workshop: How to Leverage Psychology and Persuasion to Increase Conversions

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What makes your customers choose your solution over your competitors’?

Is it just down to the quality of your product?

Back in 80s, as Coca Cola kept losing market share to Pepsi, they thought the problem had to be the product. Clearly Pepsi were making a better tasting soda…

What else could explain the drop in sales?

So they invested 4 million dollars (about $10 mil in today’s money) updating Coke’s flavor and…

It was a complete disaster.

Their sales plummeted.

Turns out, people bought Coke for a lot more than just the taste.

Just like Coca Cola’s customers, yours buy from you for a lot of different reasons. When you understand why people buy – when you understand how they feel about you and what makes them choose you – you’ll have an incredible advantage on your hands.

That’s why this workshop is all about decision making. In it, I walk you through the psychological triggers that affect everything we do. We talk about how the brain works and look at the hidden drivers that influence us (aka cognitive biases.)

Because when you know how we make decisions, you can leverage the power of psychology and persuasion to gently nudge your customers in the right direction and increase conversions.

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