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Google Analytics Training: How to Turn Insights Into Action [Webinar]

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The foundation of good optimization is data. That’s where it starts. Once you find the right insights in Google Analytics and locate the pain points in your funnel, you can make better optimization decisions.

It all comes down to knowing where to look, what tools to use and how to turn those insights into an actionable optimization plan.

Here to teach us everything we need is Google Analytics Advocate and Expert, Krista Seiden. Krista is a keynote speaker, author and digital marketing expert who teaches marketers all over the world how to use Google Analytics to grow their business.

In this Google Analytics Training, Krista walked us through the 10 biggest mistakes you may be making with your Google Analytics tracking and explains how to fix it action-by-action. Moments before the biggest season of the year, don’t miss this action-packed webinar.

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[Webinar] 7 Fail-Proof Steps for a High Converting Blog Strategy

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Are you pushing out content nobody reads?

Or dare I even suggest… converts to?

Time to stop messing around with your blog.

Anyone can publish a blog post (almost everyone does right?)…

But let’s be honest,

Most blogs are pushing out content no one cares about.

Maybe you’re writing about yourself, maybe you’re copying your competitors…

Perhaps you’re genuinely writing content you think should work,

Whatever the strategy is, chances are, it’s not working.

Either people aren’t reading your articles or if they are, they’re not doing anything with them.

They’re not turning into your customers, or sharing your content or whatever your goal is.

You need a solid strategy. One that’ll make your customers stop everything they’re doing and read your content.
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Web Form Optimization: Use this 6-Step Process to Boost Conversions

Shanelle Mullin Conversion Optimization 1 Comment

How many web forms have you filled out this week? Your initial answer might be one or two. What about when you scheduled that meeting this morning? Or when you bought that t-shirt last night? Booked your flight? And the Airbnb?

Often, we think of forms exclusively in terms of lead generation, but forms are all around us. So many forms just waiting to be optimized.

Web forms are living, breathing friction, though.

Often a form is the only thing standing between your visitor and what she wants.

Yet we resign to the idea that web forms are a necessary evil. They are necessary (for now), but they don’t have to be (totally) evil. You can reduce the fire and brimstone vibe with some web form optimization.

As marketers, we have to shake this “set it and forget it”, “if you don’t like my form, kick rocks” mentality. Because your visitors will kick rocks and you’ll be wishing you had worried even a tiny bit about that so-called “necessary evil”. 

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Minimum Viable Conversion Optimization: If You Only Have One Day a Month, Do This!

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A few months ago I was watching Whiteboard Friday (as I try to do every week), and Rand Fishkin released a really interesting episode called ‘Minimum Viable SEO. The idea behind it was simple, Rand compiled a list of the 3 most important things you should do for SEO if you only have a few minutes every week. According to Rand, if SEO isn’t your main thing and you don’t have the time to spend every day working on it, then those were the 3 most important things you should do.

This left me wondering, is there such a thing as ‘minimum viable conversion optimization’?

As I’ve mentioned before there’s no way around it, if you want to see more than just an uplift in conversions, drive meaningful growth and truly make a difference in your entire business, optimization has to be part of your company culture. Optimization must be ingrained in everything you do, an integral part of your growth process. Unfortunately that really can’t be done with just a few minutes every week.

However, I understand that not everyone has the time or resources to focus on growth and conversion optimization this way. So what would I and my colleagues recommend if you do only have one day a month to work on optimization? What would we tell you to focus on? that’s when the idea for this article was born.

To answer these questions, I contacted some of the top optimizers in the world and asked them exactly that:

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How to Create High-Converting Drip Campaigns [Webinar]

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Email marketing continues to be one of the highest converting traffic sources. Are you making the most of it?

In this webinar Anna, Education Director at Drip walked us through the exact tactics and strategy that deliver high-converting drip campaigns. If you want to create a rock-solid drip campaign that gets long-term conversions, you should watch this replay.

Anna has taught email marketing strategies on stages like ‘MicroConf’, ‘Automated’ and ‘LeadCon’.  So whether you’re just getting started or are already running a drip campaign, this session is for you.

Here’s what we learned:

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4 Rules for Creating a High-Converting About Us Page

Talia Wolf Conversion Optimization 3 Comments

When you think about the most important pages of your site, what comes to mind? Most people think of the homepage, then perhaps their pricing page, product pages or the contact page. Rarely do marketers understand the huge importance of the ‘About Us’ page.

In a recent study conducted by KoMarketing, 52% of respondents said the first thing they want to see when they land on a website is a company’s ‘About Us’ page.

about us page statistics

Why do so many people care about the ‘About Us’ page? well, in his book ‘Likeonomics: The Unexpected Truth Behind Earning Trust, Influencing Behavior, and Inspiring ActionRohit Bhargava explains that people decide who to trust, who to buy from and who to listen to based on a simple metric of believability. Your company’s success is directly impacted by how trusted and liked you are.

“There is a real ROI to likeability, and exactly how big it is will amaze you.”

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CRO & UX: How to Design for Both Experience and Revenue

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User Experience, one of the most sought after talents within every successful business is most commonly treated a completely separate unit from conversion optimization. However, the more successful businesses, those who strive to increase engagement with their product and create long term relationships with their customers, know that breaking those silos and combining the two leads to high-converting customer journeys.

Every conversion optimization project I do for my clients includes many UX (user experience) elements such as parts of its research and testing methods. Since so many businesses seem to be ignoring this opportunity, I reached out to some of my favorite user experience experts to get their take on the importance of leveraging both CRO and UX together for generating higher ROI for your business.

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GetUplift Summit Recap: The Key Takeaways, Frameworks, Slides and Recordings

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Last week was pretty insane for us at GetUplift.

After months of careful planning, we had the pleasure of hosting 8 amazing conversion optimization and growth experts under the same roof, during our first online summit – #GETUPLIFT.

In case you were wondering, this was us behind the scenes last week:

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GetUplift Online Summit- 9 Speakers,1 Day and A Lifetime of Lessons

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Stop me if this doesn’t sound familiar,

You read about an AMAZING best practice that works every time.

Or you check out the competitor’s website and say – “These guys are killing it, this is what we need to do too!”

So, you walk into your office determined to kick off the best campaign ever. You write down your strategy on a whiteboard, assemble the team and get everyone on board with the new campaign, design or AB test you want to run.

Numerous Google Docs are filled with new copy, new designs start to roll out, and you’ve even managed to somehow get your dev team to actually help you launch the new campaign.

Yes. This is going to be it! This idea and is going to work.

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How to Turn Your (Boring, Generic and Barely Converting) Emails Into Emails that Convert

Talia Wolf Conversion Optimization, Uncategorized 6 Comments

It’s morning.

You grab a cup of coffee (or tea, if you’re anything like me) and you open your inbox.

Big Mistake.

(closes laptop immediately – hope it self-destructs),

DOZENS of emails.

Some are from clients or a colleague or two… the majority though, are from various businesses trying to get you to open their emails.

In other words, 90% of it is spam.

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