Heuristic analysis: A step-by-step video guide for your website

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What’s a heuristic analysis, how do your run one and why on earth does it matter?

If want to uncover new opportunities for optimization on your site or

Don’t have enough traffic or monthly conversions (300+) to run a meaningful, statistically significant A/B test or

You want to uncover any friction and roadblocks in your funnel so you can fix them and get those conversions up,

… Then a heuristic analysis may just be the thing you need.

Because when you run one – and you do it right – it can help you fix a whole lotta trouble.

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Two Emotional Triggers That Boost Conversions (Including Formulas)

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What really drives the way your prospects and customers make decisions?

While we may like to think of ourselves as rational, logical, data-driven people who make informed choices, there’s something else going on beneath the surface.

Something that influences everything we do and affects what we buy and who we buy it from…

Just think about the number of choices you have to make every day. What to eat. What to wear. Which side of the bed to get up from.

… And those are just the first of hundreds choices you’ll make today.

Imagine how much brain power you’d need if you had to actively think your way through every single option.

That’s why our brains have short-cuts that helps us decide fast.

And these short cuts – or cognitive biases – influence everything you do, from what car you drive and what you eat for breakfast, to what brands you buy from.Read More

Use These 3 Psychological Triggers to Turn Visitors Into Customers (Workshop)

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Visitors don’t just stumble on your site by accident.

They find you through the content marketing plan you painstakingly designed, the comprehensive SEO and linking strategy you built, the paid ads…

… And all the other marketing you put in place.

So while discovering you may feel like a stroke of fortune to your visitor, you know just how much work went into making that serendipitous encounter happen in the first place.

But getting found is just the first step. Now you need to grab that visitor’s attention and show them why they should stick around and buy.

To do that, you need to understand the different forces that influence the buying process. Because everything we do – from choosing where to go on holiday to what project management software to use or what kind of coffee to drink – is affected by a series of cognitive biases.

These subconscious triggers work away in the back of our brains and affect the way we make decisions a lot more than you’d think…

Three of these psychological triggers are particularly useful when it comes to turning visitors into customers. In this workshop, we looked at all three and examined the different ways you can use them to increase conversions. (With real-life examples and practical takeaways of course!)

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How to Boost Conversions with Cialdini’s 7 Persuasion Principles

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How can you persuade visitors to your site to sign up for your newsletter or download that resource you painstakingly put together?

How can you convince potential customers to buy your products and services?

Or urge people to show up to your events or log into your software?

Converting is about so much more than the quality of your product.

It’s about the way you make people feel and just how persuasive you can be…

That’s why marketers, conversion optimizers and copywriters use specific persuasion principles. These principles let you tap into your lead’s psyche and gently encourage them to take action.

Because let’s face it. Most of us are master procrastinators. We put off doing things until the last possible second…

But when you leverage persuasion correctly, you can get past that and inspire the person on the other side of the screen to take action.

In this workshop, we examined Cialdini’s 7 principles of persuasion. We looked at each one in turn (with specific examples!) and discussed how you can apply them to get your leads and customers to act.

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Workshop: How to Leverage Psychology and Persuasion to Increase Conversions

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What makes your customers choose your solution over your competitors’?

Is it just down to the quality of your product?

Back in 80s, as Coca Cola kept losing market share to Pepsi, they thought the problem had to be the product. Clearly Pepsi were making a better tasting soda…

What else could explain the drop in sales?

So they invested 4 million dollars (about $10 mil in today’s money) updating Coke’s flavor and…

It was a complete disaster.

Their sales plummeted.

Turns out, people bought Coke for a lot more than just the taste.

Just like Coca Cola’s customers, yours buy from you for a lot of different reasons. When you understand why people buy – when you understand how they feel about you and what makes them choose you – you’ll have an incredible advantage on your hands.

That’s why this workshop is all about decision making. In it, I walk you through the psychological triggers that affect everything we do. We talk about how the brain works and look at the hidden drivers that influence us (aka cognitive biases.)

Because when you know how we make decisions, you can leverage the power of psychology and persuasion to gently nudge your customers in the right direction and increase conversions.

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Workshop: Ask Me Anything About Conversion Optimization

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Who doesn’t want to make more sales? To create a customer experience so smooth, people can’t help but fall for your product?

That’s what conversion optimization really is.

It’s taking every asset you use – whether that’s an email, a landing page or your home page – and transforming it into something your visitors and customers can’t help but click, engage and buy from.

But this is a pretty tall order.

That’s why in this workshop, we focused on answering all your questions about conversion optimization.

We talked about B2B personas and whether they still have a place in marketing.

We tackled customer research, creating engagement and tracking people’s responses to the changes you make…

… And we discussed how to optimize the images you use for conversion. Plus a few other things you don’t want to miss.

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Workshop: How to Leverage Competitor Research to Increase Conversions

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Ever looked at a big competitor’s site and thought:

Whoa. They sure know what they’re doing? Maybe I should try something similar…

Yeah… A lot of us have.

Truth is, you never really know what lies behind your competitors’ design, messaging and strategy. And directly comparing your features, pricing and pages to their features, pricing and pages won’t really get your that far.

But there’s a different type of competitor analysis you can do – one that will reveal the way their customers feel about the industry, the product and your competitor.

Because once you know what your (future) customer is feeling, you can design your message accordingly.

And this gives you a huge conversion advantage.

In this live training, I walked you through the 3-step process you can use to run a competitor audit that reveals how people feel about your industry and your competition so that you can craft a more compelling message.

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customer interviews guide

How to Get Into Your Customers’ Heads with Customer Interviews (and Increase Conversions)

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I’m not gonna pumpkin-spice coat it: interviewing customers is hard.

Prompting vulnerable sharing from complete strangers is not something most people consider fun…

Which is why I’ve heard just about every excuse for not interviewing customers:

I don’t have any customers.

I don’t want to bother my customers.

No one has any time to talk to us.

Customer interviews don’t give quantitative data.

We don’t even get any good qualitative data from interviews. Just a bunch of whining.

And my personal favorite: I know what my customers need.

There are hurdles. There’s that discomfort. There’s technical set up.

But if you get past that, there are big rewards waiting for you. 

Because when Alex Turnball of GrooveHQ impromptu interviewed over 500 customers, he discovered so much. He also doubled his conversions. #nobiggie

And he’s far from the only one to get results like these. 

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Workshop: How to use customer surveys to write high-converting copy

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Do you want to learn how to uncover the words your visitors need to see before they convert?

Would you like to discover exactly how your customers feel about you, your products and your services and use that knowledge to write compelling copy, craft irresistible designs and create a delightful user experience?

Because if you’re going to get people to do anything, you need to help them see themselves on the page.

And there’s no simpler way to do this than by running visitor and customer surveys.

A survey helps you get to know the real reasons people take action and dig into their actual experience.

Then you can use these insights to optimize everything you do.

In this live training, I shared the reasons I love customer surveys (and won’t take on a client unless they agree to run them). Then we walked through everything you need to know to set up your first one: from the tools to use to the exact process you can use to collate and analyze your survey data.

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goal setting worksheet

My 3-Step Process for Setting Goals You’ll Actually Follow

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It’s that time of the year again… planning time.

That time, where I suddenly have all the time in the world to do everything on my to-do list, just to avoid the dreaded yearly planning session.

Thing is, for years I’d try to plan my year (heck, sometimes I even tried making a 5 year plan!) but I’d just strike out.

It’s not that I didn’t know what I wanted to achieve, or that I didn’t have a general sense of where I was going, it’s just that like most businesses, I was mainly focused on what was happening right then and there… as in: How to make more money in the ‘NOW’.

And let’s be honest here, how can anyone possibly plan 12 months in advance? Planning so far into the future is simply a set up for feeling like a failure (when you suddenly remember you set goals for yourself, in July,  look back at them and realize you haven’t completed any of them). Plus it’s great way to stress you out for the first quarter of the year.

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