How to Leverage the Power of Emotion in Facebook Ads

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How many Facebook ads do you see in your news feed a day?

According to Social Media Examiner, 93% of marketers use Facebook advertising regularly. That’s about 3 million businesses using Facebook to market themselves. Every day these brands text, call, email and target us with their Facebook ads, overwhelming us with offers.

In fact, we’re so used to being targeted by brands everywhere on the web that our brain automatically tries to block out all the noise and ignore those ads. Yet millions of businesses base a huge part of their revenue stream on Facebook ads, so they must be getting through to us somehow, right?

How do some brands manage to drown out all the noise and reach us? What separates the successful ads from the rest?

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how to do a redesign the right way

Why Most Redesigns Fail (and How to Make Sure Yours Doesn’t)

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I’ve lost count of the amount of emails and phone calls I get that go somethin’ like this:

Them: “We recently did a redesign and conversions have plummeted, we have no idea why this is happening. Can you help?”

Me: “What was the redesign based on?”

Them: “Our designers created a new, beautiful, sleek, up to date and responsive site…”

Me: “Did you test it or elements of it before going live?”

Them: “Test it…..?”

We’ve all heard the horror stories of beautiful (costly) redesigns, causing a whole lot of damage for businesses, yet companies still do them all the time. In fact, just this week I spoke to two different large insurance brands and a bank who are experiencing this exact issue; a redesign gone wrong.

Why Most Redesigns Fail

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Color psychology: The complete step-by-step guide

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There are thousands of infographics, images and guides explaining how to use color psychology. Usually, these infographics look something like this:

  • Red = anger
  • Blue = trust
  • Green = health

A never-ending list explaining exactly what color creates what emotion.
Countless businesses use these guides to determine the color of their brand, the background and hero image on their landing pages or the color of their call to action buttons.

The problem?

Color psychology doesn’t really work that way.

Sorry to be the one to tell you this, but thinking that every single colour creates one specific emotion for every person in the world is simply incorrect.

Most businesses aren’t aware of this, they follow these guides blindly and unfortunately using the wrong color can actually set you back or even hurt your conversions.

Here’s one thing I do know from running thousands of AB tests:

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conversion optimization research

The Complete Guide: How to do Conversion Optimization Research Step-by-Step (part 2)

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If you followed the step-by-step guide we published last week, you should be able to complete the first part of our conversion optimization research.

In the first part of the guide we focused on making sure tracking was set up correctly and then understanding the numbers, the data and the behavior of people on our site. Now it’s time to focus on qualitative research – going beyond behavior and finding out what our customers really care about.

Here’s what we’ve already covered:

Quantitative Research

  1. Data accuracy check
  • Google Analytics health check
  1. Data Analysis Strategy
  • Advanced segmentation
  • Data extraction [Sampled and Un-sampled Data]
  1. Actionable Data Insights
  • Behavioral patterns [converters vs non-converters]
  • Come up with optimization ideas/ growth tactics

During this part of the research we’ll take the following steps:

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The Complete Guide: How to do Conversion Optimization Research Step-by-Step (part 1)

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One of the most common question people ask about conversion optimization (besides – what’s the most high-converting button color….🙄), is what are the must-have tools everyone should be using.

With SO many tools out there, the options are endless and it’s tough to know what tools work and how to use them in the best possible way.

This very same question came up in GetUplift’s Facebook group ‘We Optimize’ a while ago and sparked a really interesting conversation about the most important part of conversion optimization; the research and the tools it requires.

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user testing

How to optimize your site with user testing

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If you had the opportunity to see exactly how prospects engage and behave on your site, would you take it?

We spend hours, weeks and months planning our websites and funnels, but we don’t really know how people end up using them do we? Sure, you think we designed the perfect experience, but are you sure?

Google Analytics tells us where the problem is in the funnel, heatmaps and session recordings show us what people are doing on the page, but not WHY.

“Why are they clicking those buttons?”

“Why aren’t they scrolling all the way to the top?”

“What’s stopping them from taking the next step?”

If you’ve found yourself asking these questions and many more, it’s time to start considering user testing.

User testing has a bad rep for some reason, but if you pay close attention to today’s training you’ll see the HUGE benefits it can deliver and how it can help you figure out exactly what changes to make on a page to get it to convert.

In this session the queen of all things user testing Els Aertz, walks us through her exact process for running them successfully.

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Are You Using Heatmaps Correctly? A step-by-step guide

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Heatmaps are a very popular tool in the world of conversion optimization. They’re used in reports to support theories and show behavior on a particular page, but are they actually effective? Or do they just look good in a report?

Many tools allow you to see how people behave and engage on your site, so what makes Heatmaps, the right tool to use to increase conversions?

A couple of weeks ago while Dr. David Darmanin, founder of HotJar and I were in Stockholm speaking at Webbdagarna, I grabbed him and asked if he’d be willing to discuss the issues that heatmaps present, the mistakes people make while using them AND how heatmaps should actually be used.

As you’ll see from my interview with David below, MANY people use heatmaps incorrectly.

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social media listening

Social Listening: How to Increase Conversions Using Social Media Insights

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Imagine being able to tap into the real conversations people are having about your brand or industry

Seeing what they hate, what annoys them, what grabs their attention or what they expect from a solution like yours.

It’s insights like these that can give you that killer headline for your landing page…

Tell you exactly what testimonials you need on your website,

Help you optimize your sales funnel, email outreach and even your actual product.

These kind of insights are what businesses pay a LOT of money for.

Thing is, there’s a simple and free way for you to access these ridiculously amazing conversations every single day using a little thing called: social listening. 

There are 2.46 Billion (!!) social media users worldwide.

These people are sharing the things they love and hate, their cravings, hesitations, concerns and the things that make them happy.

Many of these people are your target audience.

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copywriting tips

How to go from blank screen to high-converting copy [webinar]

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At some point in your career you have probably been told that copy doesn’t matter or that people don’t read. 🙄

That’s why most “best practices” tell you to:

  1. Reduce the copy on your pages
  2. Remove your explanatory text
  3. Shorten the subject lines you use
  4. Right one word headlines

There’s plenty more of those “tips” around the web.

Well here’s the hard truth: These “experts”, blog posts and “best practices” are completely wrong.

Copy can make or break your conversions.

I want to make sure you’re on the path to writing copy people WANT to read, so this week I invited Joel Klettke to give us a crash course on how to write high-converting copy.

And boy, did he deliver.

Joel has helped clients like HubSpot, InsightSquared and WP Engine turn more visitors into customers with nothin but beautiful words.

This training included the most important elements of writing high-converting copy and SO many great examples.

If you want to increase your conversion rates you need to know how to write copy the right way and Joel teaches us just that in this webinar.

Here are the moments you don’t want to miss:

  1. Level of awareness: The key component for knowing EXACTLY what words to use on your page (06:20)
  2. Pain & Desire: How to understand the underline emotional-drivers that bring prospects to your product (15:32)
  3. Frameworks: Putting it all together – Specific copywriting frameworks you can use right now (25:31)
  4. Social Proof: How to use social proof the right way to grow your conversions (39:14)

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7 advanced ways to distribute your content in a crowded market [Webinar]

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In last week’s live training we tackled the biggest issue marketers have today: How to distribute content.

It’s no longer enough to just create good content, if you’re not distributing it in the right places, no one will notice you.

This was hands-down one of the best trainings we’ve ever had thanks to Ross Simmonds who killed it!

Here are the biggest takeaways you don’t want to miss:

  • Why your brand is struggling to stand out (and how Google and Facebook are making it even harder) — 08:00
  • The most important piece missing from your content plan  — 16:05
  • How to uncover new audiences for your business using Facebook Audience Insights  — 18:20
  • How to use Facebook groups to target your audience (yes, B2B too) — 26:44
  • How to use Facebook Graveyard Pages to grow your audience — 31:46
  • How to use StackExchange, Quora, Medium, Slack and Reddit the right way — 40:28

Watch the replay below:

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