4 Rules for Creating a High-Converting About Us Page

Talia Wolf Conversion Optimization 5 Comments

When you think about the most important pages of your site, what comes to mind? Most people think of the homepage, then perhaps their pricing page, product pages or the contact page. Rarely do marketers understand the huge importance of the ‘About Us’ page.

In a recent study conducted by KoMarketing, 52% of respondents said the first thing they want to see when they land on a website is a company’s ‘About Us’ page.

about us page statistics

Why do so many people care about the ‘About Us’ page? well, in his book ‘Likeonomics: The Unexpected Truth Behind Earning Trust, Influencing Behavior, and Inspiring ActionRohit Bhargava explains that people decide who to trust, who to buy from and who to listen to based on a simple metric of believability. Your company’s success is directly impacted by how trusted and liked you are.

“There is a real ROI to likeability, and exactly how big it is will amaze you.”

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CRO & UX: How to Design for Both Experience and Revenue

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User Experience, one of the most sought after talents within every successful business is most commonly treated a completely separate unit from conversion optimization. However, the more successful businesses, those who strive to increase engagement with their product and create long term relationships with their customers, know that breaking those silos and combining the two leads to high-converting customer journeys.

Every conversion optimization project I do for my clients includes many UX (user experience) elements such as parts of its research and testing methods. Since so many businesses seem to be ignoring this opportunity, I reached out to some of my favorite user experience experts to get their take on the importance of leveraging both CRO and UX together for generating higher ROI for your business.

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GetUplift Summit Recap: The Key Takeaways, Frameworks, Slides and Recordings

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Last week was pretty insane for us at GetUplift.

After months of careful planning, we had the pleasure of hosting 8 amazing conversion optimization and growth experts under the same roof, during our first online summit – #GETUPLIFT.

In case you were wondering, this was us behind the scenes last week:

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GetUplift Online Summit- 9 Speakers,1 Day and A Lifetime of Lessons

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Stop me if this doesn’t sound familiar,

You read about an AMAZING best practice that works every time.

Or you check out the competitor’s website and say – “These guys are killing it, this is what we need to do too!”

So, you walk into your office determined to kick off the best campaign ever. You write down your strategy on a whiteboard, assemble the team and get everyone on board with the new campaign, design or AB test you want to run.

Numerous Google Docs are filled with new copy, new designs start to roll out, and you’ve even managed to somehow get your dev team to actually help you launch the new campaign.

Yes. This is going to be it! This idea and is going to work.

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How to Turn Your (Boring, Generic and Barely Converting) Emails Into Emails that Convert

Talia Wolf Conversion Optimization, Uncategorized 6 Comments

It’s morning.

You grab a cup of coffee (or tea, if you’re anything like me) and you open your inbox.

Big Mistake.

(closes laptop immediately – hope it self-destructs),

DOZENS of emails.

Some are from clients or a colleague or two… the majority though, are from various businesses trying to get you to open their emails.

In other words, 90% of it is spam.

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growth hacking tips video

6 Growth Hacks to Optimize Every Stage of your Customer Journey [Webinar]

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This month we had the pleasure of hosting Tiffany DaSilva for a webinar all about unique growth hacking tactics that can grow your business and get your team collaborating. There’s loads to learn from this session, so pay close attention and check out the special coupon code Tiffany offers GetUplift readers for her new growth hacking box.


“So today I’m gonna be looking over the “6 Growth Hacks to Optimize Every Stage of Your Customer Journey.” But before I do that, here’s just a little bit about who I am. I and the founder of Flowjo.co. and I’m also a growth marketing consultant.
I started a while ago, actually, when I was nine years old with SEO and affiliate marketing. I started my first affiliate marketing website at 11 which made a lot of money. If you wanna hear that story, you can add me to LinkedIn and check it out. But during that time, I also became a Full Stack Marketer. So I started in SEO, went to PPC, moved on to CRO, and worked in companies where they needed help with content and email marketing, and it just kind of went on from there. So I’ve touched every aspect of digital marketing.

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sales funnel optimization

How to Build a High Converting Sales Funnel with Copy Your Customers Will Love

Jen Havice Conversion Optimization 4 Comments

A little before my birthday, I found this in my inbox:

email marketing best practices

I get sucked in by the cupcake and the coupon code. My lizard brain takes over… or maybe it’s my stomach. Don’t tell me this hasn’t happened to you before.

Sure, the copy doesn’t tell me anything about this company, how to apply the coupon code, or if I’ll get 10% off my entire purchase, but I’m willing to throw caution to the wind and dive head first into this sales funnel.

So I click on the Facebook ad and land…here.

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content marketing process guide

8 Steps to Creating a Content Marketing Process that Converts [Webinar]

Talia Wolf Conversion Optimization 1 Comment

I don’t know about you but I spend a LOT of time and energy on the content marketing strategy for GetUplift. The amount of work that goes into research, writing and publishing a piece of content that converts is huge and there’s nothing more frustrating than doing all that work and getting nothing, crickets.

There’s an art to writing content that converts, unfortunately it’s not just about pushing out great content that you think will work, it’s about knowing what to write and how to promote it.

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landing page optimization complete guide

Landing Page Optimization: The Complete DIY Guide to Optimizing Your Landing Pages

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There are hundreds if not thousands of articles online offering best practices and tips for landing page optimization.

That’s probably why the most common way marketers optimize their landing pages is by reading “best practices” articles that promise a 300% uplift in conversions by making one simple change and following their advice.

Yeah… that never works.

Unless you have the time to filter through all the junk articles out there, and you’re absolutely sure these best practices are right for YOUR specific businesses and audience, Id’ stay clear from those.

The best way to optimize your landing pages is by using a step-by-step process, which I just happen to have right here for you.

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Google analytics checklist

The Google Analytics Checklist

Talia Wolf Conversion Optimization 16 Comments

We’ve just published a free Google Analytics checklist to help you analyze and optimize the performance of your landing pages.

Here’s why:

In order to optimize your landing pages, you need to first analyze the numbers and take a good look at all the data available to you. Your goal is to understand how your landing pages are performing, find any leaks or opportunities in the funnel and identify any technical issues that need solving (e.g- loading time).

This Google Analytics checklist is the one we use to analyze our clients’ pages. We’ve updated it time and time again according to new abilities in Google Analytics, new reports and metrics that come out and we will be updating this checklist over time too.

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