Conversion optimization case studies

See Getuplift in action: Lessons and case studies of how we use emotional resonance to drive results for our clients.

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How Teamwork’s new SaaS comparison page increased signups by 54% using emotional resonance

The project management space is crowded, and potential customers like to suss out the competition. We took advantage of this to create a unique comparison page and boost Teamwork’s signups.

How Strata achieves enterprise conversion goals with GetUplift

Optimizing for conversions is never easy, but when you’re a highly specialized B2B company with a deeply technical product that serves Enterprises with 5000+ employees it’s exceptionally hard. Here’s how Strata does it.

Paper airplane

How Powerup increased sales by 95% using the power of our emotional targeting framework

The Powerup team had no problem getting traffic to their website, but few visitors were buying. When we interviewed customers, one question in particular helped us get clear on how to increase conversions.

How Upright’s new homepage increased revenue by 25% using customer-centric messaging

When everyone could benefit from your product, how do you attract your best-fit customers? Our “before and after” homepage breakdown shows how our first test for Upright created a significant lift in transactions and revenue.

GetUplift are true partners.

GetUplift is one of the best vendors I’ve ever worked with. They’re truly partners and an extension of our team. The flexibility and the range of projects we can work on with them is great — it’s a relief to know we have a resource that can support the conversion-focused projects that help drive the business.

Michela Fossati-Bellani

VP of Growth Marketing, Strata Identity

We increased our signups by 57% and our implementation of our SaaS tool by 80%

Getuplift helped us tremendously in our need to increase conversions for Ptengine. After working with them, the implementation rate for our CRO tool increased from 25% to 45%. I’d put Getuplift at the top of my list for consultants to help increase sales without having to pay for more traffic.

Jeff Deutsch

VP of Marketing, Ptengine

Our clients have called GetUplift “an amazingly bright friend” and described our work as “professional, thorough and sharp”

So how do we get this work done? We use the Emotional Resonance Framework.

This is something we developed in-house through a decade of client work. It’s built with thoroughly-tested Conversion Rate Optimization principles combined with a unique research methodology rooted in behavior psychology principles. That’s what helps us gain the deep understanding of your best customers that leads to the conversion increases you see in our case studies and testimonials. And it all starts with our customer-driven conversion optimization audit.

Our registrations increased by over 150%.

Working with GetUplift, we learned about our users and how they make decisions. In one of our tests, the team increased our registrations by over 150%. They have implemented a new testing platform for us and created critical copy that drove even higher ROI.  If you care about your conversions, Getuplift are the answer.

Igal Stolpner

VP of Growth, Yukon

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