What separates a good conversion rate optimizer from a great one?

The most sought-after conversion rate optimization consultants set themselves apart in two ways: 

  1. They’re constantly looking for ways to improve their knowledge.
  2. They understand key areas of marketing that impact conversion rates.

One of the things top conversion rate optimizers constantly want to learn more about is how to create the best conversion rate optimization process. That’s why I’ve created a list of courses that can help you do just that.

Not only will these courses help you improve your conversion rate optimization process, but they will also help you be a well-rounded conversion rate optimizer. 

In this article, I breakdown: 

  • The features of the best conversion rate optimization process
  • An interesting mixture of courses and how they can make your conversion rate optimization process better

So, pull up a chair, fluff your pillows, and let’s dive in.  

What Is The Best Conversion Rate Optimization Process?

Conversion optimization success depends on your conversion optimization process. Without a set process (that everyone follows), things tend to get very messy, very quickly. 

There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel if you don’t have your own conversion optimization process though. Many conversion optimization specialists have processes you can tap into.

Our process at GetUplift is based on years of research and testing. It’s a process built on our emotional targeting methodology.  We’ve used it to 10x conversion rates because of the emotion-based research involved, research that’s crucial to everything we do. 

You see, conversion rate optimization isn’t just about the numbers. In fact, the numbers are just the tip of the iceberg. CRO is about understanding people. If you aren’t using emotions to appeal to customers, you aren’t connecting with them in a way that matters. Emotions are your secret weapon.

Two of the courses I mention below specifically relate to understanding how to incorporate this type of research into the conversion rate optimization process. The other courses support in-depth knowledge of other critical factors for increasing conversion rates. You can choose a course (or a group of courses) that helps you strengthen the areas of conversion rate optimization where you’re weakest. 

11 Awesome Courses That Will Help You Become A Great Conversion Rate Optimizer

Before we dive into these 11 courses for conversion rate optimizers, I want to highlight that this list describes a mixture of courses. There are some courses that will give you a full picture of conversion rate optimization and help you become a well-rounded CRO professional. But some of the courses target specific areas of conversion rate optimization. The best way to consistently increase conversion rates in the long-term for your clients is to invest in courses that not only help you with your weaknesses, but also provide a complete picture CRO. 

Talia Wolf's Emotion Sells course for conversion rate optimizers

My flagship conversion optimization course, Emotion Sells, covers how to use emotions to sell and increase conversions. As I mentioned earlier, emotion-based research forms the foundation of my conversion rate optimization process and it is the foundation of how people make decisions. If you want to convince more people to buy whatever it is you’re selling, you have to understand the emotion behind their decisions.

In Emotion Sells, I share the secrets behind my strategy and give you a step-by-step process to doing it yourself. This course helps you understand everything your customers need at each stage of their journeys. 

“I’m applying what I’ve learned from the masterclass for my clients’, and we’re killing it! One client’s leads are up 400% and we now have clients who will spend $100k with us this year! My campaigns have been so effective that my clients hope I won’t get too busy for them.”

~Dave Brennan, Business Development Manager

I asked members of my We Optimize Facebook group if they use heatmaps to analyze website behavior. This was a response from one of the group’s members.

“Yes, we’ve had them on our site for years. Sadly, we don’t have a plan in place for actually analyzing them or using the data.” 

Heatmaps are such powerful tools for understanding how people interact with your website. It’s difficult to run A/B tests that help increase conversion rates without heatmap data. 

Hotjar is one of my favorite conversion rate optimization tools. The trick is understanding how to use it correctly to get the best results. SEM Academy’s Hotjar Training course provides everything you need to get the most out of Hotjar’s heatmaps.

This course offers 13 lessons that walk you through everything you need to know about using Hotjar. You’ll learn how to set up your Hotjar account and how to analyze recordings. 

Another great feature of the course is that you get a CPD certificate at the end. CPD is an accreditation body that ensures high quality education. So, this course has been thoroughly vetted. You can be confident you’re getting your money’s worth. 


User Interviews Course by the Nielsen Norman Group

Research is a big part of what we do as conversion rate optimizers. We can’t just dive in headfirst and start optimizing without first understanding the target audience. I published a LinkedIn poll a few weeks ago asking my followers an important question – which aspect of conversion optimization do you struggle with the most? Top on the list was analyzing customer interviews.

LinkedIn Poll On the Aspects Of Conversion Optimization People Struggle With The most

As Nikki Elbaz said, “I love analyzing interviews. But yeah…it’s a JOB.” Ain’t that the truth?

This User Interviews course from the Nielsen Norman Group can provide you with the knowledge you need to improve your customer research skills. You’ll learn about:

  • The different types of user interviews
  • How to plan for interviews
  • How to conduct these interviews
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • How to analyze the data from these interviews and report your findings

Use Interviews To Get Reliable Insights! (Abdelrahman Gemei)

“User Interviews is a structured (pun not intended) formal primer into qualitative user research. Get yourself and your team to stop asking leading questions and get reliable insights!”

The Research Report Playbook By Erin Balsa

One of the questions I’m often asked is, “How can blogs be used to increase conversion rates?” Great question. A strategy I’ve consistently used is to create powerful lead magnets that are relevant to website visitors, provide them with valuable information, and empower them to act.

Erin Balsa, Marketing Director at the Predictive Index, has created a great course on creating research reports. A well-developed research report can be a powerful tool for attracting and converting leads. The magnetic attraction lies in the first-hand data and insights these reports provide. People will keep coming back to them because there’s research to support their claims and help them understand the next best steps to take.

In Erin’s course, you’ll learn all the steps for creating high-impact research reports:

  • Setting up the project and the team
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Writing the report
  • Promoting the report
  • Analyzing the report
  • Monetizing the report

…and so much more.

“Publishing original research is one of the most effective ways to stand out. But building a program around it isn’t easy – there are a lot of moving pieces. Erin’s course covers everything you need to develop a strategy for original research. Everything from collecting the data, writing the report, promoting it, leveraging your research for sales enablement, and more. I wish I had this when I was first building out Databox’s research program 4 years ago. “

~John Bonini, Director of Marketing at Databox


CopyHackers' Courses

A big challenge in the conversion optimization process is nailing messaging that encourages people to act. Copyhackers is here to save the day! They have an online school with tons of courses that you can use to master landing page copywriting, sales page copywriting, email marketing copywriting, social media ads copywriting and so much more.

They even have a free conversion copywriting course that covers the fundamentals of what you need to know to create high converting copy. You can use this course as a springboard for improving your copywriting and then add on other courses to further improve your skills over time. 

The prices for these courses vary widely. More robust courses have higher price tags than courses that only cover the fundamentals. I’ve included the courses that can be found at each price level in the table below.

Don't write another page until you take this course! (Jessica Noel)

Copyhackers brings it with this course. I was already convinced they were over-the-top amazing at copywriting training. And then Joanna creates 10x Web Copy. Joanna teaches her systematic approach to create web pages- a model that works no matter what you’re trying to achieve. If that same-old templated formula isn’t converting or you don’t want to waste your time writing an ineffective web page. Take the course…like yesterday!

CXL Course For Conversion Rate Optimizers

CXL is a powerful learning platform for digital marketing specialists. There are hundreds of courses available that cover a wide range of topics. But one of the best courses for conversion rate optimizers is the conversion optimization and A/B testing mini-degree program. 

It’s an advanced conversion rate optimization course that promises big wins when you apply what you learn. What makes it very special is that you’ll learn from conversion optimization experts from around the world. Here’s what the program covers:

  • Conversion copywriting
  • Product messaging
  • Neuromarketing
  • Emotional Content Strategy
  • Interactive design
  • Google Analytics
  • Landing page optimization
  • Conversion research
  • How to run successful A/B tests
  • How to manage a conversion optimization program
Brandon's review of CXL Courses

“CXL gave my team the tools to create and run a successful growth team. We were running tests without putting any thought behind them. I now have the methodology to be more successful in my day-to-day tasks, and to further my career.”

~Brandon V., Growth Project Manager at Seedbox Digital


This option may seem irrelevant to a conversion rate optimization specialist. But hear me out. Our focus as conversion rate optimizers is to create the best possible online experience for customers so that they convert. So, our work is actually built on a foundation of customer-led growth.

A conversion rate optimization specialist who deeply understands customer-led growth is unstoppable. You’ll clearly understand how to interpret customer insights so that you can use conversions to increase company revenue, not just generate leads.

This is a 7-week intensive hosted by Georgiana Laudi and Claire Suellentrop, two respected marketing experts. They usually only accept about five students each quarter. It’s very hands-on and you receive a certificate at the end. 

“I 1000% recommend the Customer-Led Growth Certification Program. There is no other program out there where you actively work on a *real* client, get in-depth feedback on your work, learn from fellow consultants, and actually see a final client deliverable come together. It has been the best thing I’ve done to build my confidence and develop my consulting skills. The dedication of the team, the depth of the training, and the skills learned here will give you a very strong foundation.”

~Melissa Howard, Certified Consultant Brand and Messaging Strategist


The Income Engine course for conversion rate optimizers by Talia Wolf

One of the biggest requests I get from students, conference goers and the GetUplift community is a blueprint for creating a high-converting funnel. As Marketo’s research points out, around 96% of your website visitors aren’t ready to buy (yet). So, it’s really important that every single step of our sales funnel is bulletproof. That’s why I created The Income Engine.

In this program, I walk you through every single step of setting up a funnel from scratch (yes, copy and design included), driving traffic to it, and most importantly getting sales. 

This course is very special to me because I personally work with each cohort and I LOVE seeing these funnels come to life. It’s a 12-week program where we work together to build your revenue engine. At the end of this course, you can hit the ground running and see a major sales boost within a matter of weeks. 

“Talia’s program has revolutionized my business. Pursuing your passion as a full time business can sometimes cloud your judgment. You’re so close to your offer that you end up overthinking things. Talia helped me gain the clarity I needed to go from 2 long term coaching clients to 6 in under 3 months just by rewording my landing page, utilizing emotion in my marketing messages, and focusing my calls to action and website on one key action. This program will pay for itself over and over again. Don’t hesitate, just jump in.”

~Julie Rhodes, Founder of Not Your Hobby Marketing

9. Mastering Google Analytics 4 By KS Digital

Google Analytics 4 Course From KS Digital

Google Analytics 4 was released in October 2020. It came with a lot of new features and changes to the way we use Google Analytics. Krista Seiden, a digital analytics consultant who was an Evangelist for Google Analytics at Google, has created one of the best courses out there on Google Analytics 4.

You’re actually getting two courses in one. In the first course, you’ll learn how to do effective reporting and analysis in Google Analytics 4. This course is perfect for both beginners and intermediates who need to get more from their Google Analytics 4 data. You’ll easily find all the data you need to create out-of-the-box reports. Krista also provides a wide range of techniques and templates you can use to analyze these reports.

In the second course, Krista does a deep dive into advanced Google Analytics 4 features. One of the best features of this course is her explanation of how to correctly migrate your data from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4. You already know that if things aren’t set up correctly in Google Analytics, all you’re going to get is hogwash data.

The Google Analytics 4 training that Krista provides in her courses is top-notch because she helped build Google Analytics 4 from the ground up. You’ll be learning from someone who intimately understands the platform and can help you master it in the best possible way.  

Zach Day's Review of Google Analytics 4 Course

“Krista is the most knowledgeable Google Analytics trainer and educator in the domain, period.  What especially differentiates Krista is that her expertise extends beyond just knowledge of the tool. From her time as a web analyst, digital analytics evangelist, Google Analytics product manager, and executive, Krista understands digital analytics from many perspectives. Because of this broad experience her training is very well-rounded, ensuring that users learn how to generate actionable insights and answer key business questions rather than just creating data dumps.”

~Zach Day, Sr. Manager Digital Analytics & Strategy at Salesforce


10. Google Analytics 4 LinkedIn Learning Courses by Dana DiTomaso

Google Analytics 4 Course By Dana DiTomaso

Dana DiTomaso has been running the Kick Point Digital Marketing Agency for the past nine years. She’s a renowned Google Analytics expert and hosted a special workshop with me a while back on  how to use data to keep customers happy.  Like Krista, she knows Google Analytics really well. So well in fact that she has two courses on LinkedIn Learning that will help you get the hang of Google Analytics 4.

The first course will help you migrate from Google Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 with ease. Dana walks you step-by-step through everything that’s required to make the transition smooth, create meaningful reports, and improve team communication within Google Analytics 4.  

Course number two does a deep dive into Google Analytics 4. Dana teaches you how to:

  • Build data streams 
  • Implement data filters
  • Use Google Analytics 4 with single-page applications
  • Work with events 
  • Create users and customer definitions 
  • Create custom reports 
  • Enhance the data 

Dana’s Google Analytics 4 training courses offer a budget-friendly option for learning the important elements of the platform.  She delivers her knowledge with clarity  based on her first-hand experience with the platform. These courses will help you make the best use of your data.


Ross Simmonds' Course

Believe it or not, a lot of the work you do as a conversion rate optimizer is linked to content creation and content strategy. Great content supports the conversion rate optimization process. But one of the most difficult aspects of a content strategy is distributing the content so that it’s seen by the right people, in the right place, and at the right time.

Ross Simmonds and his team at Foundation Inc. created a powerful course on content distribution. Some people have dubbed Ross the content distribution king. He knows his stuff! He even claims that at the end of this challenge, you’ll never hear crickets again after you hit publish on your content. 

“Ross knows content marketing inside out, but if there’s one thing he’s the best in the world at… it’s content distribution. He just knows how to get the most out of one single piece of content than anyone else I’ve ever worked with.”

~ Louis Grenier, Hotjar

Final Words: Become A Conversion Rate Optimizer Who Consistently Increases Conversions

There you have it, 10 courses you can take to increase conversion rates. Knowledge gives you the ability to accomplish anything. You just have to apply that knowledge correctly to make great things happen.

I hope you’ll complete at least one course…any course that helps you strengthen your skills. Improving your skills is what ultimately matters.  Feel free to send me a message on LinkedIn about your progress! 

Before you go, there’s one thing I’d like to ask.  What challenges are you facing as a conversion rate optimizer? Leave a comment below and let’s chat. 

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