We’ve just published a free Google Analytics checklist to help you analyze and optimize the performance of your landing pages.

Here’s why:

In order to optimize your landing pages, you need to first analyze the numbers and take a good look at all the data available to you. Your goal is to understand how your landing pages are performing, find any leaks or opportunities in the funnel and identify any technical issues that need solving (e.g- loading time).

This Google Analytics checklist is the one we use to analyze our clients’ pages. We’ve updated it time and time again according to new abilities in Google Analytics, new reports and metrics that come out and we will be updating this checklist over time too.

Add your two cents:

What are the metrics and reports you look at to analyze your landing pages?

What MUST we have in our checklist?

Grab your Copy of Our Google Analytics Checklist


Data alone isn’t worth much without insights. Once you’ve found where the story is, it’s time to figure out what the story is and how you can optimize it. We’ve done exactly that in the complete guide to optimizing your landing pages: From data to strategy and design, we’ve mapped out the play-by-play to evaluating your pages and optimizing them. Check it out here.

– Talia

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