Write sales emails that make people stop, read and buy even if emails aren’t your forte

What if you could combine the simplicity of a paint-by-numbers approach to sending high-converting emails with the persuasive power of proven psychological principles that get the yes. While keeping it real and sounding like you. 

That’s the exact superpower you can earn for yourself with our sales template collection. Use these proven sequences to wow your readers and cut the time it takes you to write a killer email in half. 

Write sales emails that make people stop, read and buy even if emails aren’t your forte

What if you could combine the simplicity of a paint-by-numbers approach to sending high-converting emails with the persuasive power of proven psychological principles that get the yes. While keeping it real and sounding like you. 

That’s the exact superpower you can earn for yourself with our sales template collection. Use these proven sequences to wow your readers and cut the time it takes you to write a killer email in half. 

When you’re the one responsible for writing high-converting sales emails, the pressure is real.

Your business, boss or client rely on your words for revenue.

That’s why your emails have to be able to sell.

To do that, they need to get noticed in jam-packed inboxes. To get opened and be compelling enough to keep subscribers nodding along with every word.

Even after smoothly navigating that unique set of email marketing monkey bars, your emails have to inspire action.

Which means connecting with the person on the other side of the screen and writing the words they need to see to say yes to.

Easy, right?

All you need to do is send about 100 emails (give or take) based on your in-depth customer research, analyze your results over time, optimize them, take a few courses and follow a proven framework.

Then you’ll be able to craft the perfect sales message every time.

Unless you have some Charles Xavier mind-reading abilities or Hermione’s time turner – doing ALL of that just in time to launch that special deal you’re offering tomorrow, is pretty unlikely.

So you need another solution of the more real-world variety.

One that – ideally – doesn’t leave you scouring Google for “high converting sales emails” guides.

Not that guides aren’t useful. I’ve written a few. I’ve read even more.

But the problem with guides is that gaining the skills they describe typically takes time. It takes practice.

Sometimes, you just don’t have the time for that.

You don’t have the time to decipher what “sounding human” or “make sure your email is benefits-driven and short” actually means for you and the emails you are writing.

You don’t have the budget or time to find a copywriter – the rare unicorn kind that will take the time to get to know you and your product instead of spouting some generic-sounding email you wouldn’t send in a million years.

And you certainly don’t have the time machine necessary to master writing sales emails “in general” before it’s time to check this particular email (due yesterday) off your to-do list for good.

What you need are the specifics that let you write high-converting sales emails. Not next week. Or in a year’s time. But right now. Today.

But the generic templates out there don’t cut it. They don’t really sound like you… And you’re not sure if any of them work in today’s world. In the world where your subscribers are drowning in content so anything you send has to exceed expectations.  

What if…  

You could combine the simplicity of a paint-by-numbers approach to sending high-converting emails while still enjoying the unique benefits of crafting something that sounds unique and captures your brand voice? 

Meet the plug-n-play sales email solution that’s flexible enough to sound like you AND detailed enough so you can use it right now

If you’re worried that the email you write will accidentally bury the important information – the things your subscribers absolutely need to know – then these templates will help you get the right words out there. In the right order.  

If you want to write the kind of emails that put a smile on your face – and get your audience excited – but you’re having trouble breaking out of a more academic/ formal style of emails then these templates are for you.  

And if you want some proven sequences to lean on when writing starts to get hard, then these templates are for you. 

These are the upgraded email templates like you’ve never seen them before

Specifically designed to help you improve your sales game, this package includes the 4 sales sequences every business should send.  

With them, you’ll be able to level up your email game even if every email you’ve sent so far has been stuck in the middle between “I shouldn’t send this” and “kinda ok I guess”.  

These upgraded templates are perfect for beginner email marketers, small biz owners and freelancers ready to step-it-up.

The Income Engine - Talia Wolf - Chief Conversion Optimizer

Hey! I’m Talia

My team and I created these templates.

Here are some other things you need to know about me:

I’m the Founder and Chief Optimizer of GetUplift, an elite CRO consultancy that helps businesses fix the leaks in their funnels and increase conversions with a meaningful conversion optimization process. 

I developed the Emotional Targeting System → a conversion optimization framework that’s used by first-class companies like AppsFlyer, Fiverr, Yukon Inc. and Norton and by the hundreds of students that took “Emotion Sells: The Mastermind”

I’ve taught conversion optimization on dozens of stages such as Google, MozCon, Call To Action Conference, SearchLove, and many more and was recently listed as one of the most influential experts in conversion optimization

“Talia Wolf is the ultimate conversion rate optimization expert. She helped us survey our customers and run significant tests that had a material impact on our sales results. She has a deep passion for her work, understands the importance of messaging, and will help you get more sales. I strongly recommend her.”

Michael Stelzner

Founder of Social Media Examiner

Working with GetUplift is like having an amazingly bright friend you can call on any time. What stands out about working with Talia and her team is their uncompromising desire to understand every detail of our customers’ needs. This is the art of persuasion at work and it is beyond the realm of company space and type of customers.

Nira Mayorchik Sheleg

Founder at Wizer.me

“Talia helped us tremendously in our need to increase conversions for Ptengine. After working with her, the implementation rate for our CRO tool increased from 25% to 45%. I’d put her at the top of my list for consultants to help increase sales without having to pay for more traffic.”

Jeff Deutsch

VP Marketing at Ptengine

We created these templates based on our own experience growing GetUplift, and our work with fast-growing companies like

Based on emails we’ve actually used – for GetUplift and for our clients – every template in this package has been tried, tested and has proven itself worthy with results:


Templates that drove 39.8% more sales during our first course launch


Templates that increased our client’s demo registrations from 0.5% to 4.8%…


Templates that increased our own open rates from 32% to 64.9%…

So many of the high-converting email lessons are distilled in these templates, ready to be put to use. 

Let’s take a look at what you’ll find inside each sequence

Here’s how each sequence break down

1. The Sales Webinar Invite Sequence 

If you’re running a sales webinar, you want people to show up live so that they can learn from you, connect with you, get the low-down on your latest offer and ask you questions in person. Plus, the people that show up live to a webinar are usually some of your most promising leads.  

Inside this sequence, you’ll find the 5 emails you need to make your webinar a success:


The announcement email: Use this template to announce your webinar to your entire list and show them exactly why they should show up. 


The last chance to register: Send this email to anyone who hasn’t registered, highlighting the impact the webinar will have on their lives.


The thank you for registering: Use this email to establish a stronger relationship and connection with your subscriber and give them the crucial details they need to show up live


The 24 hour reminder: A crucial email that will reiterate the importance of showing up and get people excited about the webinar.


The 1-hour reminder: Our days get busy. Our calendars get packed. And so we forget about prior commitments… Use this email to get people into the webinar room simply by reminding them of the amazing value you’re about to drop

2. The Smart Launch Sales Sequence

To sell anything online, you need sales emails. This launch sequence is perfect for selling a new product or service or opening cart on something you release periodically, like a course with a specific enrollment window.  

These templates will help you tap into what your prospects are thinking and feeling so you can show them the value you bring to the table.  

Inside this sequence, you’ll find the three paint-by-numbers sales emails perfect for a 2-3 day launch.  


Escape from the FOMO: Use this template to tap into your reader’s deepest fears – into all the things she thinks she should be doing to get the results she wants – but are actually holding her back


The clock is ticking: Use this template to tap into the mistakes your readers are accidentally making → and show them how to avoid that


A fleeting chance: Use this template to tell your subscribers whether this product is wrong or right for them


This one’s for the stragglers: Use this template to introduce urgency in a sleaze-free way

3. The Irresistable Holiday Promo Sequence

Sometimes you just need to run a one-day sale. An irresistible one-day-only offer that’s going to make your sales emails unignorable.  

Plus you want to give your subscribers something. Something that will help them say yes to you and make you feel good about giving them a specific offer.  

Inside this sequence, you’ll find four plug-n-play templates (with examples):  


The “Special deal tease” template: When you use this a few days before the big promo day, you can prime your list and get your subscribers warmed up and excited about the potential offer


The “Almost here” template: Build anticipation the day before and get your subscriber really excited tomorrow. This takes your perfect buyers from warm-ish to flamin’ hot and ready to buy


The “Today be the day!” template: The template that will help you sell your offer and position it in the best way possible to attract those yes-es


The “Final hours: Tickedy-tock” template: A non-sleazy way to use urgency like a pro to gently nudge your subscribers to take action

4. The Win-Your-Subscribers Back Sequence

This sequence isn’t obvious… In fact, it can feel like the anti-sales sequences because, when you do it right, it’s designed to shrink your list so that only the subscribers who are interested in what you have to say remain.  

It helps you grow a list full of people who want what you’ve got. And it’s the perfect accomplice for the other three sequences.  

Inside you’ll find four plug-n-play templates (with examples):


You’re seen”: This template reminds your subscriber they haven’t engaged with you in a while and brings them back to the fold


“Let’s give this another chance”: Use this template to re-ignite the spark by reminding subscribers why they joined you to begin with


“Should I unsubscribe you?”: Use this template to give your subscribers a simple out


“This is where the story ends”: This template sounds the final call to respond and engage your subscriber

Grab the 4 essential email sequences every business should send and put them to work


Hang on Talia. I’ve got some questions for ya…

Are these templates right for my level?

These templates are designed to help beginners to intermediate freelancers, entrepreneurs, in-house marketers and small biz owner write high-converting emails.  

They’re built as a plug and play so you can easily download them and fill in the blanks. 

How do I use these templates?

Just grab the template, copy and paste it into a blank email in your email automation software and fill in the blanks as directed. Then choose your segment, proofread your email and hit send.  

We’ve also recorded bite-sized explainer videos for each sequence to give you some more direction.

What makes these templates better than everything else I can find out there on the interwebs?

These templates are based on emails we’ve used and tested. Templates that drove 39.8% more sales during our first course launch… Increased our client’s demo registrations from 0.5% to 4.8%… Increased our own open rates from 32% to 64.9%…

The reason these templates got results like these is because they were build with proven psychological principles in mind. And now you can test them for yourself. 

“If you have a chance to work with Talia, invite her to your event, or to see her speak in person, don’t miss it.” 

Rand Fishkin

Founder of SparkToro

“Talia’s emotional targeting approach helps her bring in consistently strong results for her clients and students and brings new AHA moments to those lucky enough to see her speak at marketing conferences worldwide.”

Joanna Wiebe

CEO of Copyhackers

“Talia has proven to be one of the smartest and authoritative conversion specialists in the industry… ”

Mark Scully

Founder of Learn Inbound

“Talia is the most authoritative, experienced & knowledgeable conversion specialist I know. Talia will take your conversion skills to the next level.”

Aleyda Solis

Founder of Orianti

“I’ve seen Talia speak a few times, each time I walk away having head smacking moments, where things that have been staring me in the face for years that could help my business have been ignored. She makes me want to go fix things that I know make sense for me and my business.”

Will Reynolds

Founder of Seer Interactive

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