Position: Marketing Manager

Part time | Remote

Is this you?

You’re a marketer.

You actually know and live marketing & CRO.

This usually means at least two years experience working in B2B marketing for a startup, agency, or marketing agency.

When someone starts throwing acronyms like CRO, PPC, SEO, UX, UI, GA, GA4 and WP you know what they’re talking about. You can tell the difference between a landing page and a site page. And you what an AB test is.

You love spending time on social media, reading about new strategies and coming up with new ideas.

You’re exceptional at content promotion. You know exactly how to take a great existing piece of content and transform it into fascinating shorter snippets that work as promo materials for different platforms.

You understand marketing and all its facets and you aren’t afraid to try new things.

If this connects with you, we’re looking for a marketing manager.

In this role, you’ll own all marketing at GetUplift with the goal of driving course sales and leads for the agency.

You’ll build a marketing strategy and plan for GetUplift and will execute on it.

Let’s talk about the practical side of your role:

  • Planning and execution. You will build and create a marketing plan with clear goals and KPIs and execute on it.
  • Social media stewardship. You’ll promote new and existing content through GetUplift’s social media channels. You’ll create posts that fit our voice and brand and experiment with different types of content. You’ll also jump into our private Facebook group, answer questions and start conversations.
  • Content management. You’ll become the guardian of the GetUplift blog: writing content, uploading content, giving it the final ‘voice and tone’ check and — of course — promoting it. You’ll build relationships with CRO & marketing experts that write well and you’ll work with them to create insightful and unusual guest posts.
  • Strategic planning and management. You’ll analyze marketing performance across all media platforms, channels and funnels and share monthly reports with the rest of the GetUplift team. These reports will show us what’s working, what isn’t and where we need to focus. You’ll also bring your own ideas about channels worth exploring and funnels worth investing in.
  • Talent discovery, partnerships & development.  You will initiate new partnerships with content creators, brands and influencers to increase our reach and foster relationships that will help Getuplift grow and drive sales.
  • Managing your own workload and asking for what you need. We’re a completely remote team working across multiple time zones. You’ll find no micro-management here. The upside of that is freedom to get your work done in a way that works for you. The price for that is that you’ll need to be explicit about your needs: you’ll have to manage your workload and tell us what you need, when you need it.

You may thrive in this role if you: 

  • Really like marketing and see yourself working as a marketer for the next couple of years. You like reading good content and learning new things. You like rolling your eyes at terrible marketing tactics and then thinking ‘Well…. but maybe it works for this audience… Maaaay be.’ You like figuring out ways to make your marketing more accurate, interesting, thought-inspiring and value-driven for your audience.
  • You care deeply about delivering meaningful and valuable content to your audience. At we create content that has an impact on our audience, solves problems for them and help them succeed. All our team members strive to create valuable experiences fr our audience.
  • Genuinely enjoy the GetUplift sound. You liked this job posting. You like our emails, blog posts, videos and the way we approach content. And you know you can match this voice and add to it so it gets richer.
  • Get motivated when things go wrong. Not every campaign you’ll launch will deliver. Not every social media post will get engagement. Not every guest author will deliver something worth publishing. These are all realities of marketing. Taking a short break and making a cuppa when this happens is fine. But your next natural reaction is to figure out exactly what happened and use what you learned to fix errors, learn what you can and move on to doing it better next time.
  • Hate feeling like you’re stuck in a rut. You keep an eye on the horizon and you like figuring out how to make things better. You also know when it’s time to hit publish though. (And yes, we know it’s a fine balance.)
  • Understand the realities of remote work. Remote work is great — but it isn’t sunshine and rainbows. To thrive, you need great communication skills — this means keeping everyone who needs to be in the loop, in the loop. It means setting clear expectations and hitting them. It means telling people when something comes up or when you need help. It means hitting deadlines without someone watching over your shoulder. And it means setting and communicating boundaries around availability — and expecting the same from your teammates.

If you see yourself in this description, we’d love to hear from you. At this point we’re really looking for proof of your marketing chops so please share a link to your portfolio, favorite articles or campaigns you’ve managed and a couple of paragraphs about why you think we’ll make a good team. We’ll read and respond to every application — that’s a promise.

About Getuplift

We are the CRO agency and training space high-growth brands like Teamwork, Bitly, Sprout Social, Thinkific, Mercedes, Social Media Examiner and Upright turn to when they want to optimize their funnels and create funnels prospects love to convert to.

Using a customer-first framework, consumer psychology and emotional targeting, Getuplift generates more leads, sales and revenue for clients.

We’ve been invited to speak on hundreds of stages such as Google, MozCon, Call To Action Conference, SearchLove, and many more and were recently listed as one of the most influential experts in conversion optimization.

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