Position: SaaS Copywriter

Part time | Remote

The role

We’re looking for an experienced SaaS copywriter. We’re a boutique CRO agency that runs CRO audits and creates custom CRO testing strategies for our clients — as part of that work, we provide different copy assets for testing. 

That’s where you come in! You’ll work with our copywriting and research team and create copy for key assets based on our testing strategy. 

(This role may grow into a full time position)

About you:

(You don’t have to fit all of these, but you should see yourself in the majority! If you think you’ve got the skills — even if you don’t fit all the criteria — get in touch anyway.)

  • You’re NOT a beginner. While you don’t need years of industry experience or huge brands names in your ‘worked with’ section, you should have worked with enough SaaS companies to have a deep understanding of how the space works. (This could mean working with 15+ different brands, 2 years of experience really increasing conversions for the same brand, 10 years in the industry, or something completely different. We’re interested in how good you are today, not how long it took you to get there.)
  • You’ve written emails, landing pages or website copy (maybe even all three!) for SaaS companies (and you have the portfolio to prove it)
  • You’re comfortable writing copy from a predetermined strategy
  • You’ve done messaging research and you’re comfortable with all aspects of it (In other words, you’ve interviewed customers, run surveys, analyzed competitor data and read through hundreds of G2, Capterra and TrustPilot reviews to find patterns) 
  • You’re comfortable working within wireframes (and feel comfortable wireframing your work too) 
Talia Wolf working on her computer trying to figure out the conversion optimization strategies that would improve conversion rates

How this works

If this sounds like something you’d genuinely enjoy doing — and you have a SaaS background — use the form below to apply and share:

  • A bit about yourself (e.g. how you got into SaaS and why you like it. For this we’re definitely looking for SaaS-specific experience — if that’s not you (yet) keep an eye out for future roles.)
  • 2-5 of your favorite SaaS copywriting projects (ads, landing pages, web pages, emails, in-app copywriting etc.) with a line or two setting the context (the goal of the copy, the target audience etc.) and then a line or two telling us why they’re your favorite
  • A couple of lines about the type of SaaS copywriting you like doing most

From there, our Head of Research and Copy will reach out to you to either schedule a 15 min chat or thank you for applying. 

During the 15 min chat we’ll:

  • Bond over SaaS copy including favorite projects, coolest homepages right now, conversion strategy, messaging, most confusing homepage hero sections you’ve ever seen and more (This will help us see how you think and you’ll also see how we think)
  • Talk through your SaaS copywriting experience, and 
  • Chat about GetUplift & the process we use to work with part-time writers.

If everything goes swimmingly, we’ll ask you for a quote for a small starter project (this could be executing on a landing page test, writing a couple of emails from an onboarding flow or something different).

And then we’ll take it from there.

About Getuplift

We (GetUplift) are a boutique CRO agency that works with some of the coolest SaaS and eCom brands around — Bitly, Thinkific, Atera, Strata, SproutSocial and Nextbase — to run deep research, create customer CRO strategy and drive conversions.

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