Color psychology: The complete step-by-step guide

Talia Wolf Conversion Optimization 3 Comments

There are thousands of infographics, images and guides explaining how to use color psychology. Usually, these infographics look something like this: Red = anger Blue = trust Green = health A never-ending list explaining exactly what color creates what emotion. Countless businesses use these guides to determine the color of their brand, the background and hero image on their landing pages or the color of their call to action buttons. The problem? Color psychology doesn’t really work that way. Sorry to be the one to tell you this, but thinking …

Free Cheatsheet: The Right Way to Use the Emotional Affect of Colors

Talia Wolf Conversion Optimization 2 Comments

It’s true. Colors do have an emotional affect on us and we can use them to influence our customer’s decisions. However, there is one FUNDAMENTAL thing everyone keeps getting wrong with color persuasion. So I’ve decided to share the exact cheat sheet from the ‘Emotion Sells: The Masterclass‘ course for FREE so you can better understand the emotional affect of colors on people and choose the right colors for your target audience.