Heatmaps 101: Using Heatmaps to Analyze Your Site (+ Specific Rookie Errors to Avoid)

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If you want to increase conversions on your site, you have to understand what people are doing. What are they clicking on? What are they scrolling past? What are they ignoring completely? Unless you get to know your visitors and customers, you can’t create a page they’ll love, use or convert to. Heatmaps can help you take a close look at how people act on each page. They’re like spy vision for your website without the need to sail down a mountain in a Stradivarius cello case and all that …


Are You Using Heatmaps Correctly? A step-by-step guide

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Heatmaps are a very popular tool in the world of conversion optimization. They’re used in reports to support theories and show behavior on a particular page, but are they actually effective? Or do they just look good in a report? Many tools allow you to see how people behave and engage on your site, so what makes Heatmaps, the right tool to use to increase conversions? A couple of weeks ago while Dr. David Darmanin, founder of HotJar and I were in Stockholm speaking at Webbdagarna, I grabbed him and …