Optimize It: Actionable workshops for marketers who want real results

You’re ready – actually, you’re way past ready – to create landing pages, emails and websites that people love to convert to.

These workshops are designed to help you do just that.

We tackle the big topics like consumer research, customer psychology and email optimization. But while the topics are big, the workshops are concise and practical.

You get real-life examples and client-tested strategies, all in a neat watch-from-anywhere package.

In this directory, you’ll find all the workshops – grouped by topic – for easy browsing.

Customer research workshops

Customer Research Workshops

Want more sales? More people signing up for your email list? More conversions? Then you need to get to know your customers. Intimately understand their wants and needs.

Because you can’t sustainably increase conversions without that.

These workshops cover the qualitative customer research techniques you need to create powerful landing pages, irresistible email campaigns and compelling websites.

Customer psychology and persuasion principles workshops

Customer psychology and persuasion principles workshops

What makes your customers choose your product over someone else’s?

To understand that, you need to know what’s going on inside their heads (and hearts). Luckily, consumer psychology gives you the power to take a peek.

These workshops tackle the psychological triggers, emotional biases and conversion-boosting principles you need to know about to improve performance across all your marketing campaigns.

Understanding user behavior workshops

Understanding user behavior workshops

What do people do on your site? What do they click on? How far down they scroll?

And how can you make sense of these disparate elements and use your interpretation to optimize different elements of your landing pages and web pages?

Each workshop focuses on one technique or tool that reveals user behavior – and shows you how get started straight away.

Optimizing your traffic sources workshops

Optimizing your traffic sources workshops

How do your customers and subscribers get to your website?

What do you know about the journey that led them there? The steps the had to take. The conversations and mini-interactions that all led up to that moment?

These workshops show you how to understand your traffic sources and the different ways you can use that knowledge.

Copywriting workshops

Copywriting workshops

Where do high-converting messages come from? How can you find them and use them?

Discover the art and science of copywriting through these copy-focused workshops.

Content creation and marketing workshops

Content creation and marketing workshops

Exceptional content makes people fall for you. It earns you trust and authority. Subscribers and customers.

When done right, content (and content marketing) are a crucial, foundational element of any business.

These workshops share some of the best tips and tricks leading experts use to produce exceptional content and get it in front of their readers.

Email marketing workshops

Email marketing workshops

Your email list is the only marketing channels you control.

Everything else – from social media to SEO – depends on others. On their arbitrary rules.

But your list? Your relationship with them? That’s all you.

These workshops will help you up your email game in an increasingly competitive environment.

Brand new workshops we’re developing

We’re working on brand new workshops around these topics:

  • Retention Optimization: How do you lower churn and keep your customers happy? What kind of tools and techniques can you use to increase retention? These are some of the questions we’ll tackle in these workshops.
  • Landing Page Optimization: Outlining brand new landing pages, optimizing your existing pages, choosing images and design (even if you’re not a designer), writing copy… We are creating workshops around all the landing page essentials you need to increase your conversion rates.
  • The Emotional Targeting Framework (and how to use it): How does emotion affect our buying decisions? And how can you understand and use your customers’ emotion to increase conversion rates? We’ll dive into these topics (along with exact techniques you can use) here.

Watching the recordings is awesome but,

Nothing beats showing up to a workshop live.

When you join us live, you can ask our experts questions and get the answers you need right there.

Register for future Optimize It workshops.

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